Monthly Savings

Investors should retain cash for short-term needs, but surplus disposable income should keep pace with inflation. Your objectives may be a comfortable retirement, to pay off debt, a fund for your child's education or simply to save. Whatever your motivation, we advise on establishing a regular savings scheme for cush objectives.

Dripfeeding small amounts of capital into markets on a regular basis can help offset the risk of unsuccessful 'timing' and this can have positive effects on the portfolio in later years if investors remain disciplined and continue to contribute through troughs in the markets. Key features of regular savings schemes:-

  • A wide choice of global fund managers
  • Flexibility; can be amended to fit your changing circumstances
  • Portability; should you relocate, the investment goes with you
  • Online valuations and fund switching
  • Lump sum top ups can be injected


We advise on a wide choice of regular savings schemes in different currencies to suit your needs.

Ongoing Management

We offer regular updates and periodically monitor your account in addition to face to face meetings. Investment reports and market information are available.


If the plan is surrendered or if contributions cease early a penalty may apply. Past performance is no guarantee to the future and you may not get back the money you invested.