Monthly Savings

Once an emergency fund is in place, investors should utilize their monthly disposable income for longer term objectives like paying off a mortgage, retirement, children's college fees, or simply just saving for better returns.

Expatriates tend to have higher disposable incomes when living abroad so it is important that the opportunity is taken to build a nest egg. Younger investors tend to be in the phase of accumulating wealth and so setting some money aside each month from salary is usually a more practical and disciplined solution than investing ad-hoc amounts. Key features of regular savings plans:

  • A wide choice of global funds
  • Flexibility. Contributions can be amended for a short period if circumstances change
  • Portability beyond borders. When you relocate, you can continue to contribute
  • Online valuations and fund switching


We can advise on regular savings plans in different currencies. Some require a strict commitment, others are more flexible. It is important to understand how these investments work and which one is the most suitable for your personal circumstances.

Ongoing Management

We offer regular updates and monitor your account to ensure your investments are on track. Additional benefits such as investment reports and market information are all available.

A Word of Caution

''Contractual'' regular savings plans require you to pre-determine the amount you invest and the term over which you do it. It is important that you maintain your contributions throughout the term as there may be loss of benefits, additional fees and compromised investment performance if you reduce or suspend contributions. If the plan is surrendered before the selected maturity date, a penalty will apply which can be very significant in the early years.

We strongly suggest that prospective investors obtain and thoroughly read the terms and conditions of any contractual regular savings plan before they commit, and that they can comfortably afford to sustain contributions throughout the term of the contract, even if circumstances change.

Past performance is no guarantee to the future and you may not get back the money you invested.