Switchmaster: Market intelligence to increase your returns

Switchmaster is a proven fund tracking system, designed to find good entry and exit points for mutual  and exchange traded funds to optimize potential growth from your investments. 

Since 2005, this system has been successful in enhancing investment returns. Many fund managers employ momentum based systems to make investment decisions. We offer you market intelligence to help you make smart decisions.

Do you own an investment account with Generali International, RL360, Zurich International, Old Mutual International, Friends Provident International, or i-Shares ETF's? 

If so these accounts offer you a suite of investment funds to choose from. Switchmaster identifies the top performing fund, emails you an alert, you switch on-line and re-balance when a fund's performance is surpassed by another. Simple market intelligence at your fingertips. 

What's trending right now?... Chinese equities. Is your portfolio placed correctly? Even if it is, you will need to know how long to maintain this holding. Switchmaster is designed to make sure you are correctly placed to capture growth from the next upswing.

A word of caution; Switchmaster is only suitable for investors who are prepared to accept high levels of volatility. The system should be employed only as part of a balanced portfolio of other risk-adjusted assets.

Product Provider: Start Date:


US Dow Jones:

Generali (Vision/Choice) 

22 Aug 2005 +114.71% +111.97%

Zurich (Vista)

01 Apr 2005 +271.48% +112.54%

Old Mutual (MSA/MPA/EWA)

01 Apr 2005 +278.51% +112.54%

Friends Provident (Premier/Summit)

23 Mar 2005 +195.56% +114.28%

Figures to end of September 2017. Past performance is not an indicator of future results and investments can fall as well as rise and you may get back less than invested. 

Find out the fee for employing Switchmaster and how easy it is to apply to your investment account, by contacting us on info [at] ap-advisers [dot] com or call us on +81 3 3436 2001