Enhancing investment returns

Switchmaster is a unique fund tracking system where active management can help you derive maximum potential from your investment plan.

The system is designed to place your holdings in the top-performing fund within your investment account. Investment plans usually allow free switching within their respective fund menus. Many of these funds are never used, which means investors may not be maximising the investment potential of their plan. The investment accounts and returns using Switchmaster are as follows:-

Company Start Date Total return MSCI World Index
Generali International 22 Aug 05 +103.00% +125.63%
Zurich International - IWA 25 Jan 06 +180.71% +116.00%
Zurich International - Vista 01 Apr 05 +287.69% +131.79%
Old Mutual International 01 Apr 05 +281.45% +142.10%
Friends Provident Int. 23 Mar 05 +240.07% +136.06%
RL360 19 Apr 17 +7.30% +22.35%

Past performance is no guide to the future and returns are not guaranteed. Figures up to April 2018.

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