Switchmaster - identifying top-performing funds

Switchmaster is a proven and highly successful ''robo-advisor'' type system, which identifies top performing mutual funds and exchange traded funds and helps you achieve maximum growth potential from your monthly savings plan or lump sum investment account. Since 2005, we have been very successful in enhancing our clients' investment returns using this tried and tested sytem.

It has successfully transformed the performance of below average portfolios with product providers such as Generali International, RL360, Zurich International and Friends Provident International as well as the I Shares range of ETF's. Many investors do not use the full fund menu at their disposal and often miss high performing funds. Switchmaster identifies them for you and all you do is then switch to the best fund. Simple.  

Having identified the best performing fund, Switchmaster subsequently alerts you to switch when it is surpassed by another. Thus, you are always positioned in the best performing fund (or least worst) at any one time by taking you into sectors you may not otherwise have considered. For example, on one platform, the current best performer is a Pacific Technology Fund. On another an ETF investing in the Turkish stock market leads the pack.  

This system is not suitable for all investors due to its high volatility but could be a valuable smaller component of a balanced portfolio. The results when paired with various investment accounts have been very impressive:-

Company Start Date Total return US Dow Jones Index
Generali International 22 Aug 2005 +104.08% +103.20%
Zurich International - Vista 01 Apr 2005 +253.97% +104.66%
Old Mutual International 01 Apr 2005 +262.63% +102.16%
Friends Provident Int. 23 Mar 2005 +170.60% +104.66%

Figures up to July 2017. The value of investments may fall as well as rise and past performance is no guide to the future.

Find out the fee for employing the system and how easy it is to apply Switchmaster to your investment account, contact us on info [at] ap-advisers [dot] com or call us on +81 3 3436 2001