Enhancing Investment Returns

Investment Returns

Switchmaster is a mathematical fund tracking system to help you derive maximum benefit from your investment plan through active management.

Retirement planning


The obligation is now increasingly on individuals to their own comfortable income in retirement. Quantify your needs and solve your problem by talking to AP Advisers. 

Education fees planning

Education Planning Fees

It can cost over $250,000 to fund a private education and university. Parents must address this issue early. AP Advisers offers a service to assist parents in giving their children access to the best education.

UK Will Writing

UK Will Writing

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Investing a Lump Sum


Simply leaving cash in bank deposits leads to erosion of purchasing power as inflation takes hold. It is rare that interest on a bank account will exceed the rate of inflation so investors need to seek capital growth.

Monthly Savings

Monthly savings

Investors should retain cash for short-term needs, but surplus disposable income should keep pace with inflation. Your objectives may be a comfortable retirement, to pay off debt, to establish a fund for your child's education or simply to save. Whatever your motivation, we can advise on establishing a regular savings strategy.



With over 14 years' experience, AP Advisers can help you apply to major Japanese banks and optimise your chances of successfully obtaining finance.