We have a 14-year track record of providing financial guidance and focused solutions in specific areas:

Enhancing investment returns


Switchmaster is a mathematical fund tracking system, which can be used with a new or existing investment plan and aims to help you derive maximum benefit from your investment plan through active management.

Retirement planning


Due to ageing societies the obligation is now increasingly on individuals to provide a comfortable income in retirement. AP provides personalised assessments and retirement calculations.

Education fees planning

Education Planning Fees

It can cost over $250,000 to fund a child through private education and university. It is therefore vital for parents to address the issue at an early stage. AP Advisors offer an illustration and planning service that will allow parents to plan for the estimated education costs.



AP can help you to apply to to major Japanese banks and optimise your chances of successfully qualifying for financing. With over 10 years’ experience AP simplify the process and increase your chances of getting a loan at the lowest interest rate.