Financial Guidance and Expert Solutions

We have a 14-year track record across Asia and in Japan for providing personal financial guidance and focused solutions in specific areas including:

Enhancing investment returns

Enhancing investment returns

Switchmaster is a statistically-based fund tracking system, which can be used by investors with a higher risk tolerance, and applied to both new or existing investment accounts. In February 2016, the system switched investors into gold equity funds which have since rocketed by over 60%. The system may likely take investors into sectors that they may not have otherwise considered and so this adds a complementary strategy to self-selecting funds. 

Retirement planning


Due to ageing societies in many nations, the obligation is increasingly on individuals to provide themselves with a meaningful retirement income. Well over 90% of a typical developed nation does not adequately save for retirement. AP Advisers provides personalised assessments and calculates retirement shortfalls with the aim of setting out a clear and easy to understand roadmap for a comfortable income in retirement, wherever and whenever you wish to retire. 

Education fees planning

Education Planning Fees

It can cost over $250,000 to fund a child through private seconodary education and college or university. It is therefore vital for parents to address the issue at an early stage. AP Advisers quantify your funding need and present a solution to allow you to give your children access to the best education money can buy.



AP Advisers can help you purchase property in Japan and guide you in applying to major Japanese banks to optimise your chances of successfully obtaining finance. With over 10 years’ experience we simplify the process and increase your chances of getting a loan at the lowest interest rate, whether you are buying a home for yourself and your family, or investing in property for rental income.  

Investing a Lump Sum

Marble Pillars

Whether you are looking to achieve capital growth or to recieve a regular income from your capital, we can help you achieve long-term financial goals with a sum of $50,000 or more. For expatriates, there is a huge range of options which may not be otherwise available in their home country.

Monthly Savings

Monthly Savings Plan

Expatriates tend to have higher disposable incomes when living abroad so it is important that the opportunity is taken to build a nest egg. Younger investors tend to be in the phase of accumulating wealth and so setting some money aside each month from salary is usually a more practical and disciplined solution than investing ad-hoc amounts.