Anthony Collins - Investment & Mortgage Adviser

Tony has over 18 years’ experience as an investment and mortgage adviser to clients in and outside Japan. A certified financial planning professional he holds the International Certificate for Financial Advice and an MBA in Finance and Accounting from Liverpool University. Tony advises on wealth management, pension planning, trusts, currency exchange and financial planning. He has a thorough understanding of will writing, social and pension insurance tax and business in Japan.

He has extensive knowledge of Japan real estate and financing, working with a wide variety of lending institutions and speaking at seminars for the ACCJ and other organisations.

Career background

Tony began his career in financial services in Japan in 2000, before helping to establish IFG Asia in 2004 and then managing the transition to AP Advisers in 2014.


Tony is interested in languages; speaking French, German and Japanese, and is an advocate of wine as a route to good health. He enjoys travelling, cycling, hiking in rural Japan, skiing and squash.

Contact details

Direct line: +81 (3) 3436 2115