Fees for financial advice

Our fees are aligned to the value of our clients' portfolios so both parties are aligned in achieving financial planning objectives. We are here to take care of your financial planning needs and relieve you of the burden of managing your wealth when your time is short.


Free Initial Meeting - Choosing the right financial planner is important because you will need to discuss your personal financial situation and entrust that information to someone who has your best interests in mind.  AP Advisers offers a free, no obligation initial meeting so you don’t have to make this important choice until you are comfortable in dealing with us.  
Client Fees - Our financial planning fees tend to range from 0.50%-1.00%p.a on the value of a lump sum portfolio. This means our interests are aligned with yours - helping you achieve a positive return on capital. We believe this is a fair and transparent structure where both our clients' and our objectives are parallel. We also levy flat fees for certain ancillary services.

Investment Returns:

Investment returns cannot be accurately predicted but depending on a client's attitude to investmenrt risk (and therefore reward) it might be reasonable to aim for the following long-term results:- 
Cautious Risk Investor Inflation +1% per annum
Medium Risk Investor Inflation +3% per annum
Adventurous Risk Investor Inflation +5% per annum

Returns are not guaranteed and may be more or less than quoted. All investments carry risk and you may not get back the amount invested, especially if you encash in the early years.