An extract of typical questions are listed below. If you do not find the answer you seek, please contact us; info [at] ap-advisers [dot] com

How much do I pay for your financial advice?

In most cases we charge clients a one-off iniitial fee of 1%-3% or a flat fee for time spent on research and reports. On an ongoing basis, we charge a percentage on the vlaue of client portfolios, typically 0.5%-1.0%p.a. We believe this aligns both parties who are commonly motivated to achieve the objective of portfolio growth.

What licenses do you hold?

AP Advisers is registered as an Investment Adviser with the Kanto Finance Bureau in Japan, #487. Individual advisers all hold qualifications in financial planning.

What services do you provide?

We offer traditional financial planning advice in the areas of accumulating wealth for future purposes like retirement, college fees, and general desire to save. For clients with accumulated capital we can help them achieve better returns or a regular income. We also give advice in the drafting of UK Wills, and mortgage finance for property in Japan and the UK.

What is your advice to clients regarding investment risk?

It depends on the individual. Prospective clients complete a risk profile questionnaire which helps us quantify a level of investment risk the person may tolerate. We then recommend a portfolio which complements their risk profile and helps clients to accumulate or manage wealth in a manner in which they are comfortable.

How much contact do you have with your clients?

AP Advisers’ over-riding priority is to build long-term mutually beneficial relationships with its clients. This is achieved by regular face-to-face review meetings and the capability of on-line technology to keep them abreast of their portfolio performance and valuations.

What makes your clients' experience unique?

We give unembellished and honest financial advice. We believe in a transparent policy of ensuring clients understand fees, investment risk, and early exit implications before a client/adviser relationship is struck. We also offer our clients investment strategies unique to AP Advisers which have proven to be very successful over the long-term.

Where do you meet with your clients?

With regard to prospective clients, we usually meet face to face, either at our office or theirs, or in a public space. Once they become clients, on-line technology helps them track their investments, coupled with face to face meetings. Due to the transitory nature of expat life, many of our clients now reside outside Japan, but the relationship is easily maintained on-line, by telephone or with occasional regional overseas visits by our advisers.

Could I see a sample financial plan?

A financial planning report is issued after the initial consultation. The facts gathered in confidence at the meeting enable us to provide a personally tailored roadmap to help ensure our clients achieve financial freedom.

Case Study #1: Education Fee Planning

Why should I prepare a financial plan?

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Never is this more true of a person in mid-career who has yet to plan for retirement. It is not too late, but it is a much steeper hill to climb to achieve a comfortable retirement income. A mere 5-year delay, could mean that you need to double the amount you are saving each month for retirement. You are never too young to start a financial plan so contacrt us now for a free no-obligation discussion.