AP Advisers is an independent financial planning consultancy for expatriates resident in Japan and subsequent locations. 

We have a solid 15-year track record and an unrivalled reputation for honest, unbiased, and professional advice. Our senior advisers are extensively exprerienced, each with over 20 years in the financial planning profession. We listen to your financial objectives and tailor solutions specifically for your needs. Once a client, we monitor your portfolio and provide regular updates, relieving you of the time and worry of managing your money.

With a 96% client retention rate, our over-riding goal is developing long-term relationships and giving utmost attention to service. We offer transparent financial roadmaps with flexibility should your circumstances change, and even if you re-locate internationally.

From building an emergency nest-egg and saving for a property deposit, to protecting your family, ensuring your childen have access to the best education, and building funds for a comfortable retirement, we help you on your financial journey.

We can also refer you to specialists in diverse areas to ensure that other financial planning objectives are met.

Please contact us and we would be happy to talk without charge or obligation.