In recent years, Japan has seen a boom in property purchase and consequently in values. The weaker Yen and over-priced Asian property markets like Singapore and Hong Kong, has led to an influx of foreign investors purchasing property in Japan, and with the 2020 Olympics on the horizon, the appetite for owner-occupied homes and ''buy-to-let'' property continues unabated. This has led to an increase in mortgage applications and with record low interest rates, it seems now is a very attractive time to invest in Japanese residential property.  

Our specialist services help you to apply for a mortgage at major Japanese banks and optimise your chances of success.

Please contact our in-house mortgage specialist, Tony Collins for an initial consultation, tony [at] ap-advisers [dot] com or 03 3436 2115. 

Stage 1

We discuss the potential strength of your loan application by checking your visa status, length of residency in Japan and employment package. We explain the real estate financing process, tax, cost, and answer your questions. We check that there is a reasonable chance of obtaining a loan before you take the time to apply and provide supporting documentation.

Stage 2

A commitment fee of ¥30,000 + consumption tax is requested. We then help you to apply to banks, attend meetings, give advice on documentation, and guide you through the mortgage application.

Stage 3

We help with the loan contract and settlement, translations and explanations. A success fee based on the loan value is payable at the finalization of the loan contract of 0.5-1.0% with a minimum fee of ¥350,000.


Can I get a loan in Japan?

Expatriates and non-resident foreigners may purchase property in Japan but it is mostly only residents who are able to secure finance. Your success depends on your visa status, employment, income etc. You will need to bring previous tax returns, passport, Japanese ID and health insurance card. We regret that we are unable to help SOFA visa holders.

What are the advantages of using your service?

We have over 12 years’ experience in obtaining mortgages and providing a bridge between the client and the bank. We have good relationships with lenders, understand their requirements and how these relate to foreign nationals. We simplify the process and work hard to increase your chances of getting a loan at the lowest interest rate.

Do you advise on residential investment loans and can you help non-Japan residents?

Most of our work relates to owner-occupied residential mortgages and refinancing for property within Tokyo's 23 wards. It is now more common to obtain property investment loans with a view of buying to rent out. We may be able to help in outlying areas of Japan depending on your status but non-residents may not be able to secure mortgage finance from a bank in Japan.