Investing a Lump sum

Investors must retain some cash for short-term needs but simply leaving funds in bank deposits will lead to the erosion of purchasing power in the future as inflation takes hold. It is rare that interest on a bank account will exceed the rate of inflation. You can usually set up an investment account from as little as US$25,000.

Typical key features of lump sum investments:
  • A wide choice of global fund managers
  • Access to both 'active' mutual funds and 'passive' Echanged Traded and Index Tracker Funds  
  • Can hold fixed term bank deposits
  • Flexibility; access to some or all capital when needed
  • Portability; should you relocate, the investment account can move with you intact 
  • Online valuations and fund switching for investors with a proactive approach
  • Investments can be held in trust structures for tax planning in certain jurisdictions


We can advise on a wide choice of investment vehicles, portfolios, nominee accounts and other structures.

Ongoing Management of Your Account

We offer regular updates and monitor your account to ensure your investments are on track. Additional benefits such as investment reports and market information are all available through AP Advisers.

Past performance is no guarantee to the future and you may not get back the money you invested. All investments carry risk.