Financial Planning Process

Whether you are new to investing or have significant experience, our service is designed to ensure that financial planning for expatriates in Japan is clear and easy to understand.

Our process is to firstly understand your current situation, carefully listen to your aspirations, assess your personal attitude to investment risk, and then tailor solutions specifically for your needs. But it does not end there. We aim to ensure we are available to discuss your investment portfolio, provide regular updates, and answer any questions you have. With online capability, our clients can track the progress of their investments and easily obtain additional data to help them assess investment performance and make more informed decisions.

Initial Meeting

Our no-obligation initial discussion allows us to obtain a clear picture of your existing financial position, quantify your needs and highlight areas of financial planning you may not have previously considered. Retirement planning, saving for children's college education, seeking better returns from cash, and property purchase are common areas of need. 


We review the information collated to identify and quantify your tolerance to investment risk and quantify shortfalls in your financial planning strategy. 


We provide you with a clear and concise report outlining our advice, tailored to your individual situation. The report acts as the agenda for a second meeting to discuss the details in more depth and to answer all your questions to allow you to come to a clear and fully informed decision in your own time.   


Once you have decided on your investment vehicles, we act as your personal investment adviser, providing the link between you and your investments. 

Ongoing Service & Regular Review Meetings

Our motivation is in building successful, mutually beneficial long-term client relationships. We commit to maintaining regular contact with clients and meet frequently to review portfolios. We provide online access so clients can track progress of their investments. Our fees are lnked to the success of our clients' portfolios meaning that all parties are commonly motivated.