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for Expatriates in Japan

AP Advisers Ltd is an independent financial advisor in Tokyo specializing in the provision of personally tailored financial planning for expatriates living in Japan. With a 12-year track record, we boast a client retention rate of over 96% which reflects our commitment to long-term relationships and attention to ongoing service both during our clients' time in Japan and wherever they may subsequently re-locate.

Our fees are aligned to the value of our clients' portfolios so both parties are aligned in achieving financial planning objectives. We provide unbiased, trustworthy, and reliable financial planning advice to expatriates in many walks of life. From people wishing to accumulate wealth for the future for purposes like retirement, to those who have already done so and seek better returns than bank deposits, we are here to take care of your financial planning needs and relieve you of the burden of managing your wealth when your time is short.        

Our process is to firstly understand your current situation, carefully listen to your aspirations, assess your personal attitude to investment risk, and then tailor solutions specifically for your needs. But it does not end there. We aim to ensure we are available to discuss your investment portfolio, provide regular updates, and answer any questions you have. With online capability, our clients can track the progress of their investments and easily obtain additional data to help them assess investment performance and make more informed decisions.

AP Advisers Ltd offers a one-stop solution for your financial planning needs. Call or email us today for a free no-obligation financial health-check; 03 3436 2001, 


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    Robert was recommended to me by a colleague that I highly regard, so I went to him with high expectations and I was not disappointed! Robert is professional, has great attention to detail, never hesitates to offer sound advice, however trivial my questions might be.
    J.H, Seoul, South Korea
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    For a foreigner in Tokyo, looking for domestic mortgage products, I think you are very well placed to capture all that business, I know i couldn’t have done it without you.
    Mr O, Tokyo, Japan
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    Thank you as always Ivan, for your shrewd investment advice and follow-up support.
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    Please contact Tony with your mortgage brokerage needs. He's the best guy in Tokyo.
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    I was very impressed by the level of service provided by AP, even though you stepped in 1/2 way through my application, it was completely seamless.
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    After dealing with a few financial consultants for recommendations that produced mediocre results at best, Robert was like a breath of fresh air.
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    I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Robert to anyone looking for no frills financial advice. If you want someone to entrust your money with, Robert (and his team) is your man!
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    Nice to work with real professionals.
    N.P, Tokyo, Japan
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    The most important quality I look for in a financial advisor is integrity. Ivan and his team have it. in the 10 years I have been using them, they have consistently demonstrated they can be trusted to give sensible advice.
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    I remain mindful and SO GRATEFUL to you for all the time and care you gave me, and continue to recommend you for these rare qualities to my dear friends.
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    Thanks for your analysis, this is really useful and provides a level of post sales attention that is in a different league to that I've received from other financial advisors.
    N.C, Hong Kong
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